Critical Role Review: C2 Episode 62

The Mighty Nein settle into domestic bliss. Caduceus grows a tree, Jester makes a mural, Fjord gets a massage. Dont miss this week’s Critical Role Review!


Darling in the FRANXX – Limited Edition Blu Ray Set (Part 1)

By:; Mithrandiel Darling in the FRANXX was something of a phenomenon when it arrived in January of 2018. With Studio TRIGGER lending its brand recognition to the series, and FRANXX being the first real mech-centric series the…


Critical Role Review: C2 Episode 61

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 61: Agreements This episode was a bit of a roller coaster. Highs and lows and a wild loop that you didn’t see coming. The action started out at a…


Code Geass: LeLouch of the Re;surrection [Review]

-Warning: Series Spoilers ahead!- The movie begins on the anniversary of LeLouch’s assassination by Zero. Many of the Sector Eleven resistance members have grown into the new world order, they don’t understand…

Critical Role Review: C2 Episode 60

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 60: A Turtle By Any Other Name I absolutely loved this episode! From start to finish I was completely engaged. There were so many stand out moments in this…


Juni Taisen Zodiac War Vol. 3 [Review]

The epic battle of Juni Taisen conrtinues, as ThunderHeavyArm reviews volume 3!


Katana Zero (Review)

Mithrandiel reviews the lightning-paced & blood spattered world of Katana Zero from Askiisoft!


Critical Role Review: C2 Episode 59

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 59: Perspective I was so ready for this episode! The action cut off at a nice cliffhanger last episode and I was curious to see how the Nein would…


Critical Role Review: C2 Episode 58

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 58: Wood and Steel Episode 58! AKA the return of Ashley Johnson, AKA a Xhorhas shopping adventure. It is always great to have Ashley back at the table, and while…

Brace Yourselves: Anime Boston is Nearly Here!

By: EyeSpyeAlex Another year, another Anime Boston! This will be my third time attending as a representative of The Geekly Grind and I cannot wait! For those who are unfamiliar with Anime…

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