Days – Episode 14 (Review)

Days continues into the Fall season, as Alan reviews the latest episode!

Days – Episode 13 (Review)

Alan reviews the final episode of Days!

Days – Episode 12 (Review)

Soccer series Days turns the feels up to 11 – Alan shares his thoughts.

Days – Episode 11 (Review)

Alan reviews the latest episode of the soccer series, Days!

Days – Episode 10 (Review)

Alan reviews Days – episode 10!

Days – Episode 9 (Review)

Alan reviews Days, episode 9!

Days – Episode 8 (Review)

AlanV shares his thoughts on Days – episode 8!

Days – Episode 7 (Review)

As the tournament heats up, a new rival is introduced! Alan reviews episode 7 of the soccer series – Days.

Days – Episode 6 (Review)

AlanV reviews this week’s episode of the summer soccer series – Days!

Days – Episode 5 (Review)

AlanV continues his review series on the soccer anime Days!

Days – Episode 4 (Review)

AlanV reviews episode 4 of the soccer anime Days as we stay up to date on the summer 2016 anime season!

Days – Episode 3 (Review)

AlanV checks back in with “Days” for its 3rd week – how is the show holding up?

Days – Episode 2 (Review)

AlanV returns to the soccer field with episode 2 of Days – how does the series hold up in week 2?

Days – Episode 1 (Review)

AlanV takes a look at Days – a sports anime showcased this summer season. Check it out!

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