Briefs by Blake: Edge of Groundhog Repeat – All You Need Is Kill [Review]

Ever watch Groundhog Day and think: “This needs more violence”? Blake has got just the thing for you: All You Need Is Kill!

Briefs by Blake: “Look Closer” – Stealth Symphony [Review]

Blake uncovers an otherwise overlooked gem of a manga series with Stealth Symphony – check it out!

Briefs by Blake: Seeing Red! – Red Sprite [Review]

Blake shares his thoughts on Red Sprite, which follows a young boy on a journey to become a captain in a militaristic world!

“Calamity” Takes Critical Role To New Heights [Review]

Mithrandiel, still recovering from the finale, shares his thoughts on Critical Role’s latest limited series – Exandria Unlimited: Calamity

Dwerve [Review]

Mithrandiel digs in to Dwerve – a tower defense game that collides with the action/RPG mechanics of the Zelda franchise.

Critical Role Review: C3 Episode 24

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 24: The Hellcatch Valley Recap Orym rises early the next morning on the airship and is quick to spot some trouble on the horizon. Something large is burrowing its way underground right towards an unsuspecting caravan. He…

Critical Role Review: C3 Episodes 22 and 23

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 22: Promise and Potential Recap Bells Hells have returned to Jrusar successful in their mission. Ashton leads the group back to Jiana Hexum’s estate to collect their prize and officially pay off their old debt. Jiana is…


By: RogueSymbiote Jeremy from The Geekly Grind joins Chris and Lance to share their thoughts on the latest MCU film Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness!!! Let’s get weird! SPOILER WARNING!  

Critical Role Review: C3 Episodes 18-20

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 18: A Hungry Jungle We’re back! After an unexpected month off, Geekly Grind’s Critical Role Review is ready to dive back into the adventure of Bell’s Hells. For an in depth recap of each episode check out…

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore [Review]

Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on the latest Fantastic Beasts entry: The Secrets of Dumbledore.

Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep [Review]

Mithrandiel reviews the latest D&D Sourcebook, released in partnership with Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep!

Elden Ring: A Brutal And Beautiful Journey

Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on Elden Ring – the latest From Software title that tested his gaming mettle and introduced him to a lore-rich world!

Life in Pocket Love: A Cozy Guide

Looking for a cute game that will make you smile? Pocket love lets you live with your partner and pets (and is free-to-play friendly!)

Critical Role Review: C3 Episode 16

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 16: The Shade Mother Recap Chetney stealthily investigates the chamber ahead while his companions deal with the remaining shade creepers. He finds the twisted Lady Emoth speaking with a horrifying monster lurking on the ceiling of the…

Critical Role Review: C3 Episode 15

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 15: The Tunnels Below Recap Bell’s Hells spend the evening recouping at Lord Eshteross’ estate after saying goodbye to Dorian and Cyrus. The next morning, the gang agree that it’s high time they check out Jrusar’s vast…

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