Critical Role Recap: The Briarwood Arc Part 3

I.Am.No.Man completes the Briarwood’s story in this weeks recap. Percy battles his inner demons, Scanlan gets lucky, and Vox Machina face a formidable foe.

Critical Role Recap: The Briarwood Arc Part 2

I.Am.No.Man continues the tale of Vox Machina. The daring adventures face their undead fears, learn a shocking new attack, and find an unexpected companion.

Critical Role Recap: The Briarwood Arc Part 1

I.Am.No.Man returns for another exciting recap of our favorite DnD show. Vax faces his fears, Percy lets loose, and Scanlan channels his inner dinosaur.

Critical Role Recap: The Vasselheim Arc

I.Am.No.Man returns with the next story arc in the Critical Role recap. Vox Machina get into trouble, make some new friends and fight a lot of monsters.

Critical Role Recap: The Kraghammer Arc Part 2

I.Am.No.Man continues the recap of The Kraghammer Arc. There’s danger, betrayal, an unexpected mouse, and a big boss battle!

Critical Role Kraghammer Arc Part 1

I.Am.No.Man continues the Critical Role story with the Kraghammer saga. See how Vox Machina’s story plays out in their adventures through the Underdark.

Critical Role: The Prequel

I.Am.No.Man officially begins her journey into Critical Role by exploring the Prequel!

Beginners Guide to Critical Role – Let’s Meet the Cast!

In her debut article, I.Am.No.Man. introduces the world of Critical Role, a weekly Dungeons and Dragons series produced by Geek & Sundry

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