Dragon Ball Super: Part 1 (Review)

The Z-Fighters return in Dragon Ball Super: Part 1! Check out what RogueSymbiote thinks about the latest installment of this epic franchise

Anime Expo Guide for Beginners

So you just got into anime and you wanna go to Anime Expo? Well you’re in luck! RogueSymbiote shares tips and tricks for newcomers to anime conventions

Dragon Ball Z KAI: The Final Chapters Part 3 (Box Set Review)

Dragon Ball Z Kai comes to an exciting conclusion! Gohan is awesome again and Vegito is born! RogueSymbiote reviews the final box set for Dragon Ball Z Kai

DBZ Kai Final Chapters Part 1 (Boxset review)

Roguesymbiote reviews Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters Blu-ray box set. Quick review on the story arc as well as the box set features

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