S7: Gazing at the Galaxy

Today, Kirk takes a closer look at Samsung’s latest flagship phone: The Galaxy S7.

Opinion – Captain America: Civil War is just what the Marvel Universe needs

Mith dives a bit deeper into the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer and explains why the timing of this film couldn’t be better.

Anime Conventions after 30: Being “That Old Guy”

Mith explores what it means to be an anime fan over 30, and wonders whether the convention scene is still for him.

Here and Gone: Is An Increasingly Ephemeral Social Internet The Future?

Kirk examines the implications of our fleeting online interactions.

CES 2016: From Iterative Improvements Come High Praise.

Kirk shares his thoughts on this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Holiday Cheer and Our Tech Obsession

It’s that time of year, and Kirk is reflecting on how our obsession with tech plays into the spirit of gift-giving in the holiday season.

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