RogueSymbiote reviews Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness, the latest Power Ranger tie-in title from Boom! Studios!!!

The Last Ronin #1 [Spoiler-Free Comic Review]

Mithrandiel gets his hands on one of the most highly anticipated comics of the season: The Last Ronin! But does it live up to the hype?

Becoming A True Believer – One Geek’s Journey Into Comics [Part 1]

Mithrandiel has avoided comic fandom and collecting for far too long! Join him as he documents his journey to becoming a “True Believer”!

PAX West Spotlight: Liberated

Liberated is a gorgeously crafted comic book game. From the black and white aesthetic, to the miniature movies in each panel, this game is a work of art.

Portal Bound Issue 5 (Comic Book Review)

Emperor Atilus’s plan to conquer Earth has been put into motion! Can Eli, Sybil and friends stop the invasion and save their families? The answer may shock you. Lowfat reviews Portal Bound by Aspen Comics.

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