Succession for Wizards and Witches Available in Black Desert SEA

Succession updates inbound! Check out the latest press release from Black Desert Online!

Find True Love This Valentine’s Day With Black Desert SEA

The only romantic entanglement you should seek this Valentine’s Day is with Black Desert Online. Check out their valentine’s day event!

New World and Guild Raid Bosses Coming to Black Desert Online SEA

There are some new big baddies to fight in Black Desert Online – read on for more info!

Lahn Pre-customization Available Now in Black Desert Online

Lahn pre-customization is going live in Black Desert Online – read on for more info!

Explore the New Valencia Region in Black Desert Online SEA

A new region is coming to Black Desert Online! Read on for more info!

Remaining Six Playable Classes Awakened in Black Desert Online SEA

6 new classes are making their way onto Black Desert Online! Check out this press release for some more info!

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