Shin Godzilla (Review)

In an attempt to revive the iconic giant monster franchise, can Shin Godzilla succeed where so many others have failed? Find out what Mith has to say!

Yuri On Ice (Review)

EyeSpyeAlex takes a look back at Yuri On Ice – the breakout anime of the season (and some argue, the year) from Fall 2016!

Mithical Entertainment’s Game of the Year 2016

Mithical Entertainment staff highlights their game of the year for 2016!

Twitch Tuesday Spotlight: Classic Queen

Mithrandiel kicks off his Twitch Tuesday spotlight segment by highlighting streamer Classic Queen! Check out her story here!

TwitchCon and the Culture of Content Creation

Mithrandiel reflects on his time at TwitchCon 2016, and how a culture of content creation manifested itself into one of the most enjoyable cons he’s been to.

TwitchCon Spotlight: Black Shell Media

Mithrandiel interviews Raghav Mathur about his company – Black Shell Media, which takes on indie game production and marketing.

First Impressions: Breakaway (Updated)

Mithrandiel shares his initial thoughts on Breakaway – a fast paced game that crosses MOBA elements with capture the flag.

TwitchCon Spotlight: Trion Worlds

Mithrandiel interviews Evan Berman from Trion Worlds about the concept surrounding their booth at TwitchCon and upcoming updates/releases from the company.

TwitchCon Spotlight: GameWisp

Mithrandiel interviews Gamewisp CEO and co-founder Michael Anderson about their unending mission to help streamers make money doing what they love.

TwitchCon Spotlight: Extra Life

Mithrandiel interviews Michael Kinney, director of Extra Life – a charity program that helps raise money for children’s hospitals by playing video games!

TwitchCon Spotlight: Liquid Sky

Mithrandiel interviews Ian McLoughlin -founder and CEO of Liquid Sky. This service allows you to use a high end computer via the cloud. Never upgrade again!

First Impressions: Shardbound

Mithrandiel checks out Shardbound – a tactics based strategy game being showcased at TwitchCon!

Press release: Amazon and Twitch announce “Twitch Prime”

Amazon and Twitch announce “Twitch Prime” – an exciting new service for Amazon prime members!

TwitchCon: Day 0 Recap

By: Mithrandiel While most of the action starts today, TwitchCon had an eventful evening for Day 0. Amazon Game Studios kicked off the events with a presentation on three games currently in the works, as well as their inspiration for…

Mithical Entertainment @ TwitchCon 2016!

Mithical Entertainment is excited to be covering the 2nd year of TwitchCon – this time it’s being hosted in beautiful San Diego!

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