Star Wars – The Force Awakens Theories and Discussions **SPOILERS*

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  1. Scott Bishop says:

    Rey is Han and Leia’s daughter. Ben (Kylo Ren) spared her during the Knights of Ren massacre at Luke’s academy. Han and Leia were told she was dead so they never thought to look for her. Kylo Ren is the one that marooned her on Jakku, this explains his over the top reaction at hearing a girl and FN2187 had helped the droid ( BB8) escape Jakku. “What girl” ! It’s why he hasn’t made any moves to destroy her during their encounters, including the light saber duel. Remember he demanded that Finn (Fn2187) surrender “that light saber” to him but made no such statement to Rey. Her memories of child hood were probably blocked by the trauma of seeing her brother and his friends kill most of the other students, and then the abandonment on Jakku. Although Kylo Ren seems pretty adept at the mind trick thing I doubt he “wiped” her mind. I don’t believe that Han or Leia could abandon a daughter in this way, I’m convinced that they believe their daughter is dead. For me this explains Han’s affinity towards her without his knowledge that she is his daughter.

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