My Hero Academia – Episode 50 (Review)

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  1. Kris says:

    My heart absolutely broke for Inko (Deku’s mom) during the home visit scene. I got emotional when I read this scene in the manga, but seeing it animated heightened my emotions so much more (much like every other really emotional moment so far). Watching BNHA after reading the manga has really been a unique experience for me, because I’ve never kept up with a manga past an anime adaptation before. I honestly can’t believe how well they’ve managed to match the anime adaptation to the manga, and I’m really excited for the rest of this season!
    I think BNHA has also really paved the way for a lot of new action manga to shine. I’ve seen a ton of series pop up recently that I probably would have never heard about if the action genre didn’t get this huge burst of popularity. One that I’m really enjoying is Freak-Quency. It’s a series about a popular RPG that’s been banned due to a large portion of its players going missing. The MC of the series discovers that her brother was one of the players who have disappeared, and she has to begin playing the game (which has now transferred to the real world, creatures and all) in order to find him. After reading BNHA, I really gained a new appreciation for action scenes and suspenseful storylines. I think that’s another big reason why I like Freak-Quency so much!
    I definitely recommend checking it out if you liked the BNHA manga.

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