Little Misfortune (Review)

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  1. Stigma says:

    No. Fran bow will not answer any questions from this game at all.
    The only thing these 2 games share is that they’re set in the same universe. Like all Stephen King stories are set in Maine..
    This is basically just a side-story, which I personally enjoyed quite a lot.
    But overall, I’d say Fran Bow is infinitely better.

  2. Rae says:

    I had wondered since they shared universes – I feel like a lot of things were unanswered about Morgo and some of the lore, though perhaps they don’t really need to be (I bounce back and forth between enjoying stories with unanswered questions, and just REALLY wanting to know). I enjoyed Little Misfortune a lot too! While it wasn’t perfect, it was a really fun/creepy/interesting adventure, and I loved the choice mechanics – especially how it wasn’t obvious what a choice would lead to.

    I’m looking forward to checking out Fran Bow 🙂

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