Meet The Players


Jeff Frank – Jeff is a teacher, improvisor, and filmmaker from San Diego. He teaches video production at Chula Vista High School’s School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Jeff has been an improv performer and teacher for 15 years. He also likes making pickles, brewing beer, and gardening.


Chris Daily – Chris is a Character designer, illustrator, and cartoonist. He draws custom D&D characters. He also performs and teaches improv at National Comedy Theatre in San Diego. He started playing D&D a few years ago, and now can’t get enough.


Zach Stones – Zach is a DM, player, improviser, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Also a married father of three and fairly tired. His son Edward is a big fan but fairly confident he could do it better.


Jen Crespo – Jen is a player, improviser, occasional DM, and Event Coordinator. She spends her free time petting cats, making puns and touching her husband Marc’s butt.


Weston Gardner – Weston is a performer, composer and father of two (edit: three). He writes free RPG music for the community through Arcane Anthems on Patreon. He claims he is of no relation to Patrick Warburton but we don’t believe him.


Matt Messerman – Matt is a computer scientist, improviser, father, and husband. He loves books and video games, and has been playing D&D off-and-on since 1994.


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