Season 1 – Synopsis

A woman bursts into a tavern in need of help to find her daughter and suddenly four travelers are swept up in an adventure that will change the realms forever. They will battle hags, fey, gnolls and fire – always using unconventional solutions…whether they’re making it far too complicated to get over a wall, or using a weasel, a camel, and a sheep wearing lipstick to infiltrate a fortress. One way or another – these unlikely heroes will get the job done!

You can find season 1 (as well as seasons 2 & 3) here, as well as on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and pretty much everywhere!

Season 1 – Characters

 Maya – Maya has always been…unique. An artist of eclectic taste, she fumbled into a warlock pact with Titania while lamenting civic duties and the itchy properties of squirrel costumes. While fiercely protective of her friends, her first weapon of choice in battle is typically a loud and melodic “Allo!”

xXbl00dy<3 – a human rouge from the realm of Tetrod 3. His real name is Steve Jablonski and he likes to be as mysterious as possible. xX is your typical angsty, dark, but ultimately harmless, teenager. He keeps a cold distance but is sweet and tender on the inside, but he’ll cut you if you said anything like that to him. xXbl00dy<3’s signature look is two black cloaks over each other, possibly a third.

Gravely – an Orcling (half orc/ halfling) ranger that hails from the realm of Valkara. Always treated as an outsider because of his looks, he ended up working for DreadEx, a black market courier service for the Realms. Gravely develops a symbiotic relationship with anyone he can learn from or who will protect him. Although he’s great at tracking and excellent with a bow and arrow, he lacks confidence and will generally avoid being the center of attention.

Coach – a dwarf barbarian set on recruiting able bodied workers to help in his son’s mine back home. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and goes above and beyond to help them and do the right thing. He also never skips calf day.

Saeleas – a half-elf sorcerer- for the first 100 years of his life, Saeleas’ life was dull and ordinary. He worked in a library for many years, where he lived adventures of the mind as he exercised his love of books. Everything changed when he encountered a book that gave him magic powers and allowed him to go out and live an adventure of his home. His husband Jeiben, an actor by trade, encourages Saeleas’ new hobby, but worries he’ll get hurt.

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