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Critical Role Review: C2 Episode 77

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  1. dreaner95 says:

    I really like your reviews but one thing bothers me. I mean if this is really your genuine opinion, I am fine with it but I feel like as soon as an episode doesn’t have much story or fights, it is automatically worse because of it. I would understand that way of thinking more if this was a normal TV Show. But this is a livestreamed DnD game. Which means those kind of episodes will happen from time to time. You can’t always have forwards momentum in every episode when each one has 4 hours or less runtime. And those are the kind of episodes that will bring all the character interactions that make the emotional moments much more impacting. And some of the moments that are memorable in this episode would have never happened during an adventure.
    As I said it doesn’t really bother me if this episode was kind of a slog for you. What bothers me is feeling like such episodes most likely always have a disadvantage which seems strange because of how many of such episodes will continue to be part of this campaign.

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