Let’s be honest: the world of comics is vast, and can be more than a little intimidating to try and wade into. Resident staff members Lance Watkins (RogueSymbiote) and Chris Daily (Dungeonheads) have spent the last two years rolling out the welcome mat for new fans and seasoned veterans alike.

The series debuted July 15th, 2020, and in the two years since its inception, has gathered over 15,000 downloads!

You can take a listen to the latest episode below:


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And of course, a bit of information on our hosts!

Lance is a licensed Occupational Therapist with a serious comic book obsession. He volunteered his time in grad school at a local comic shop in exchange for free books to feed his comic addiction. He somehow talked his way into helping run multiple booths at conventions where he was able to meet some of the greatest creators, writers and artists in the industry.

Favorite comics: Planet Hulk, Die, Invincible and anything Spider-Man related

Chris is a part time freelance illustrator and full time nerd. He’s collected comic books off an on since the age of 9 and even drew several comic strips. He’s exhibited at San Diego Comic-Con selling his own comics, art, and silly merchandise. When he’s not busy chasing down the two little nerds he lives with, he plays a lot of D&D and draws RPG characters.

Favorite comics: X-Men, Invincible, Hellboy

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