Video Games

So many video games, so little time. Wondering what to play next? The Geekly Grind team is here to help you out – from Indie titles to the latest AAA masterpieces, we’ve got something for everyone!

First Look – Star Wars Battlefront Beta

A visually stunning immersion into the Star Wars universe, Battlefront succeeds in being the hype destination many were hoping for since its unveiling a few years ago.

Indie Game Spotlight: Beep Boop Bot

Though rough around the edges, it is a demo after all, Beep Boop Bot has all the promise of being an excellent time-sink on the computer.

Disgaea 5 Review

With a stronger storyline than previous installments, and the added benefit of utilizing PS4 hardware for beautifully detailed sprites and effects, Disgaea 5 builds upon and improves many key features, and also incorporates some new twists that are sure to bring gamers back for more.

Throwback Thursday Review – Disgaea

Its immense scope is both a blessing and a curse, but Disgaea remains one of the definitive strategy RPGs of all time.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

The 28-year-old Metal Gear franchise has culminated with a raw and powerful storyline, supported by Hollywood-class cinematic cut-scenes and the voice acting and music production to match. Add in a healthy serving of gameplay that is all at once familiar and at the same time more complex and engaging and you end up with one of the most iconic installments of an iconic series.

Rise From Your Grave! – How Kickstarter Is Reviving Some Of Gaming’s Most Iconic Franchises

What if your favorite video game series could be brought back to life? Kickstarter has made that a reality for many Millenials favorite childhood games, but how does it impact the larger industry, if at all? Mith explores the dark powers of Kickstarter’s video game necromancy.

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