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So many video games, so little time. Wondering what to play next? The Geekly Grind team is here to help you out – from Indie titles to the latest AAA masterpieces, we’ve got something for everyone!

Video Game Review: Dark Souls 3

Mithrandiel traverses the fog to review Dark Souls 3 – with faster combat, is it the shift towards Bloodborne that he hopes it will be? Find out!

The Jewphin Rants About… Homogenization

TheJewphin discusses the problem with homogenization when it comes to video game reviews.


Koei Tecmo is releasing an Attack on Titan game! Check out the details here!

Mithical First Hour: FFXV Platinum Demo

Archmage adventures through the newly released FFXV Platinum Demo, getting to take a good look at the graphics and mechanics that are sure to await him in FFXV when it arrives on September 30th.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness arriving 6/28!

The latest entry in Square Enix’s galactic RPG adventure, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, will be arriving by the end of June!

The Jewphin Rants About…Review Scores

TheJewphin is here to tell you that your favorite game sucks, and that all the reviewers who gave it a good score also suck.

Video Game Review: Stikbold!

Mithrandiel, ZeroOmega, Archmage and Zelyhon have a dodge-battle in Stikbold, a zany and fun party game for all ages!

Anime Review – Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Ep. 1

A Final Fantasy anime? Sign Mith up! He takes a look at the first episode of the recently announced anime series based on Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered Event

Mith reviews the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event, the major announcements, and features interviews with Tim Gettys, Greg Miller and other guests from the VIP after-party.

Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Ska Studios

Mithrandiel sits down with James and Michelle Silva of Ska Studios, the developers behind the recent indie hit, Salt and Sanctuary.

The Jewphin Rants About… Intermediate Templates

In this week’s rant, TheJewphin continues his conversation about the frustration of character creators in games, and how intermediate templates could help address some of the common shortcomings these systems present.

Hit or Mith 3/24

Hit or Mith: ROUND TWO! 3/24 Edition. Check out Scarlette’s weekly anime and video game highlights!

Video Game Review: Salt and Sanctuary

You will die. A lot. But holy crap will you have a lot of fun in the meantime.

The Jewphin Rants About… Character Creators

Today The Jewphin rants about the needless complexity that finds its way into many modern character creators. He just wants to play the game!

Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Ryan Morrison

Today Mithrandiel chats with Ryan Morrison, renowned video game lawyer and half of the newly formed Morrison/Lee law firm. Take a listen!

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