Throwback Thursday Review: Berserk Golden Age OVAs

In light of the upcoming new season of Berserk, Mithrandiel takes a short stroll back to 2012-2013 to re-visit the “Golden Age” OVA series that revived and reinvigorated the franchise.

Throwback Thursday Review: Lensman – Secret of the Lens

A favorite from his childhood, Mithrandiel takes a look back at Lensman – Secret of the Lens. How does it hold up?

Throwback Thursday Review: Legend of Dragoon

With an immense and engaging story, a standout battle system and spectacular graphics, The Legend of Dragoon deserves its hard-earned reputation as one of the best RPGs on the Playstation.

Throwback Thursday Review: Transistor

Take a trip down memory lane (don’t worry, it’s a short trip) as Mithrandiel re-visits his review of Transistor.

Throwback Thursday Review – Outlaw Star

Though often compared to the legendary series Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star is a romping space-adventure that is able to stand on its own.

Throwback Thursday Review – Disgaea

Its immense scope is both a blessing and a curse, but Disgaea remains one of the definitive strategy RPGs of all time.

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