Big Screens, Big future: “A completely different thing”

With the arrival of the iPad Pro and the continuing influence of large tablets in the computing market…what’s next? Kirk Douglas takes a closer look at the evolution of tablets.

Holiday Cheer and Our Tech Obsession

It’s that time of year, and Kirk is reflecting on how our obsession with tech plays into the spirit of gift-giving in the holiday season.

Tech Review: Plantronics Backbeat Fit Headphones

With great sound and ease of use, Plantronics has made a great set of wireless headphones. Only one, not so small problem: they aren’t very comfortable.

Tech Review: Steelseries Nimbus Controller

Apple’s latest TV boasts Apps, and specifically games, as a major drawing point. With the Steelseries Nimbus as its flagship companion, they’re off to a great start.

Uncarrier: How T-Mobile is Fiercely Changing the Wireless Industry

Kirk explores the ways in which T-Mobile has changed the cellular industry

Tech Review: Coin

The revolutionary new method to store your cards was an exciting lure…in November of 2013. Now technology has moved on and Coin has unfortunately been left behind.

Tech Review – Apple TV

Mithrandiel reviews Apple’s latest entry in the Apple TV lineup. With Apps, Siri and more, has the future of television finally arrived?

You’re Subscribed! – The Problems Subscription Services Have Solved and the New Problems They’ve Created

Kirk explores the rapid growth of subscription based services, from Netflix and Hulu to Adobe Creative suite and beyond…what problems have they solved for developers? What problems have they created for consumers?

Opinion: Self Driving Cars and the Transportation of the Future

Mithrandiel ponders on transportation in the future and how self-driving cars may be the key.

Movie Review – “Steve Jobs”

A compelling and spectacularly made film, “Steve Jobs” sheds a light that’s both familiar and different on one of the most influential figures in modern technology.

Rock Stars of Tech – Is Awareness of Tech Icons going Mainstream?

Move aside music icons…there are new rock stars in town. Kirk explores how today’s world idolizes a new brand of superstars: Tech CEOs.

“Where’s the ‘Any’ Key”? – Adapting in the Digital Age

Mith explores why engagement with technology is critical to being a modern-day citizen, specifically when it comes to viewing and sharing digital photos.

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