Throwback Thursday Review: Lensman – Secret of the Lens

A favorite from his childhood, Mithrandiel takes a look back at Lensman – Secret of the Lens. How does it hold up?

Tech Review: Coin

The revolutionary new method to store your cards was an exciting lure…in November of 2013. Now technology has moved on and Coin has unfortunately been left behind.

Tech Review – Apple TV

Mithrandiel reviews Apple’s latest entry in the Apple TV lineup. With Apps, Siri and more, has the future of television finally arrived?

Throwback Thursday Review: Legend of Dragoon

With an immense and engaging story, a standout battle system and spectacular graphics, The Legend of Dragoon deserves its hard-earned reputation as one of the best RPGs on the Playstation.

Board Game Review: Twilight Imperium

Though its long playtime may prohibit casual or regular play, Twilight Imperium provides an epic experience that is hard to beat.

Anime First Look – Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

Iron Blooded Orphans certainly has what it takes to stand among some of the best the Gundam universe has to offer. Time will only tell if it will deliver on its promise.

Kickstart your Weekend! – The Nullpoint

Take a look and see what exciting Kickstarter project you should be backing!

Throwback Thursday Review: Transistor

Take a trip down memory lane (don’t worry, it’s a short trip) as Mithrandiel re-visits his review of Transistor.

Card Game Review: Boss Monster

A fun trip into 8-bit land in an engaging format, Boss Monster is definitely a great addition to any board/card game collection.

Movie Review – “Steve Jobs”

A compelling and spectacularly made film, “Steve Jobs” sheds a light that’s both familiar and different on one of the most influential figures in modern technology.

Anime Review – Charlotte

Charlotte starts off with promise, but ultimately winds down a road the viewer barely sees coming, leaving fans dazed and confused when the credits finally roll.

Kickstart Your Weekend! – The Exiled: Siege

In our new weekly segment, we take a look at a particular Kickstarter project and let you know what we think!

Throwback Thursday Review – Outlaw Star

Though often compared to the legendary series Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star is a romping space-adventure that is able to stand on its own.

First Look – Star Wars Battlefront Beta

A visually stunning immersion into the Star Wars universe, Battlefront succeeds in being the hype destination many were hoping for since its unveiling a few years ago.

Indie Game Spotlight: Beep Boop Bot

Though rough around the edges, it is a demo after all, Beep Boop Bot has all the promise of being an excellent time-sink on the computer.

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