The multiple award winning, bestselling comic book phenomenon will ring in the New Year with the arrival of the long anticipated issue #55

Critical Role Review: NYCC Panel

By: I.Am.No.Man. The Legend of Vox Machina Table Read, Teaser, and Release Date If you weren’t able to catch the NYCC’s virtual Critical Role panel live, don’t worry! While the video is only available to NYCC ticket holders and ReedPop…

PULL! Mithrandiel’s Comic Reads – Week of 9/29

Department of Truth delivers a bombshell issue, DIE comes to an end, and Crossover gets back to business – time to PULL!

Critical Role Review: State of the Role 2021

By: I.Am.No.Man It finally happened Critters! The exciting news we’ve all been waiting for dropped at 9 am this morning! (Or yesterday if you happened to catch that sneaky little gizmodo leak.) Campaign 3 will officially debut on Thursday, October…

Order Up!: Deltarune, Chapter 2 (Review)

Chapter 2 of Deltarune is here! Rae talks a little about her impressions after finishing, and how it holds up against previous installments

Critical Role Review: Hiatus Update

By: I.Am.No.Man Don’t Miss It! Last Thursday brought us the first episode in a new season of Narrative Telephone. This round will feature the darling cast of Exandria Unlimited. Robbie Daymond did not hold back any punches with his hilarious…

PULL! Mithrandiel’s Comic Reads – Week of 9/22

One of Mithrandiel’s favorite characters meets an unfortunate end, Splinter kicks some serious butt and more – time to PULL!

Escaping to a world of Feywild Adventure – The Wild Beyond The Witchlight [Review]

Mithrandiel explores the wondrous world of the Feywild in Wizards of the Coast latest D&D Sourcebook: The Wild Beyond The Witchlight!

PULL! Mithrandiel’s Comic Reads – Week of 9/15

Mithrandiel settles in with an excellent Thanos origin tale, a continuation of Magneto’s trial and more with the latest iteration of PULL!

Halo Infinite Tech Preview 2

343 Industries is gearing up for another Halo Infinite tech preview. This event will take place across two weekends; this weekend (September 23-26) and next weekend (September 30 – October 3). According to John Junyszek, Halo Community Manager at 343…

The Princess Of Previews: Making Some Potions with Potion Craft!

Janette makes some mysterious mixes with Potion Craft.

Critical Role Review: The Nautilus Ark

By: I.Am.No.Man Recap CONTENT WARNING: Graphic violence with descriptions of body horror and self harm. It’s the year 3051 P.D. and the planet has become unsuitable to sustain human life for much longer. The brightest minds have come together to…

Order Up!: Chapter 2 of Deltarune is here!

Deltarune chapter 2 is here! Try out the first two chapters of the game for free now – hopefully with more on the way soon!

Order Up!: Boyfriend Dungeon (Review)

Looking for a summer adventure to enjoy this fall? Rae takes a look at Boyfriend Dungeon – a quirky dating battle adventure

PAX West Spotlight: Summoner’s Fate

TheJewphin takes some time to check out Summoner’s Fate at PAX West 2021!

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