Spirittea Reveal Trailer

I’m lowkey obsessed with this Spirittea already. I’ve watched the trailer three times. Self described as Stardew Valley meets Spirited Away, I think it nails the vibe it’s going for.

Jump Back!

Spencer from Blake and Spencer Gets Jumped shares his initial impressions of this interesting Shonen Jump series called Dragonball Z…


By: RogueSymbiote The adventure begins!!! Chris, Lance and Jeremy break down the BRILLIANT comic series based on a property responsible for the existence of this podcast and perhaps our friendship. Bend your eat to our latest episode all about Dark…

Order Up!: How Spiritfarer brought me back to gaming

Spiritfarer is a game about death – but also about life, love, and accepting the change that comes along with all of it.

Critical Role Review: C3 Episode 24

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 24: The Hellcatch Valley Recap Orym rises early the next morning on the airship and is quick to spot some trouble on the horizon. Something large is burrowing its way underground right towards an unsuspecting caravan. He…

Talking Mons! Episode 23 +24

Time to announce a new episode of Talking Mons! Now I’m eight days late but I promise with good reason — I’m working on a project for the site in my spare time plus transitioning to a new position at work. It kinda…slipped my mind to be honest.

Critical Role Review: C3 Episodes 22 and 23

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 22: Promise and Potential Recap Bells Hells have returned to Jrusar successful in their mission. Ashton leads the group back to Jiana Hexum’s estate to collect their prize and officially pay off their old debt. Jiana is…

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons: Silver Edition Unboxing

Mithrandiel digs into Beadle & Grimm’s latest set: the Silver Edition of Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons!


By: RogueSymbiote Jeremy from The Geekly Grind joins Chris and Lance to share their thoughts on the latest MCU film Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness!!! Let’s get weird! SPOILER WARNING!  

New “The Ink and Paint Club” and “Talking Mons” Episodes

Time for our…semi-regular…post about the newest “The Ink N’ Paint” podcast episodes. It’s Geekly Grind writer and podcast host, Janette, here with the most up-to-date releases.

Critical Role Review: C3 Episode 21

By: I.Am.No.Man. Episode 21: Fight at the Museum Recap The Bells Hells find themselves facing down two giant clay golems and the other adventuring party, The Verdict, and their prize trapped behind unbreakable glass. Imogen commands the golems to grovel,…

PAX East 2022: Day 2

Mithrandiel had a long Friday, but it was worth it! PAX East, day 2!

PAX East 2022 Spotlight: Below the Stone

Mithrandiel goes digging with one of his favorites from PAX East 2022: Below the Stone!

PAX East 2022: Day 1

Mithrandiel chronicles his first day at PAX East 2022!

Critical Role Review: C3 Episodes 18-20

By: I.Am.No.Man Episode 18: A Hungry Jungle We’re back! After an unexpected month off, Geekly Grind’s Critical Role Review is ready to dive back into the adventure of Bell’s Hells. For an in depth recap of each episode check out…

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