EA Announces Sims 4: High School Stories Expansion Pack

Want to redo some of the worst years of your life Re: Zero style? Well good news, The Sims 4 High School Years expansion is on the way.

Briefs by Blake: Edge of Groundhog Repeat – All You Need Is Kill [Review]

Ever watch Groundhog Day and think: “This needs more violence”? Blake has got just the thing for you: All You Need Is Kill!

Briefs by Blake: “Look Closer” – Stealth Symphony [Review]

Blake uncovers an otherwise overlooked gem of a manga series with Stealth Symphony – check it out!

Briefs by Blake: Seeing Red! – Red Sprite [Review]

Blake shares his thoughts on Red Sprite, which follows a young boy on a journey to become a captain in a militaristic world!

Bandai Namco Combines Monster Rancher and Ultraman for Their New Game

Bandai Namco dropped a very unexpected crossover to excite all of us. Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is a new game…

Influent (Review)

Influent lets you walk through a little dictionary, learning vocabulary through exploration – explore an apartment and pick up new words!

Briefs by Blake: “Time After Time” – Time Killers [Review]

By: Blake If you’re just joining us, Briefs by Blake is a special series that spotlights a handful of manga that only ran for a short while (chapter lengths in the teens to twenties). Time Killers is a series of…

“Calamity” Takes Critical Role To New Heights [Review]

Mithrandiel, still recovering from the finale, shares his thoughts on Critical Role’s latest limited series – Exandria Unlimited: Calamity

Potion Permit with Possum

Potion Permit is an extremely charming and likable experience, with a surprising amount of variety, and a very satisfying gameplay loop.

Digimon Ghost Game Recap Podcast 27-28

…This episode of the Digimon Ghost Game recap podcast is a HUGE moment for me. It has taken 2.5 years of attempts and lots of tears but here…HERE is where it happened…

Fanime 2022 Cosplay Craftsmanship Spotlight    

Belfry provides her thoughts on a handful of top-tier cosplay from Fanime 2022! Check it out!

Dwerve [Review]

Mithrandiel digs in to Dwerve – a tower defense game that collides with the action/RPG mechanics of the Zelda franchise.

New Sims 4 Werewolves Gamepack Announced

EA Games is finally adding werewolves to the Sims 4. On June 16th the highly asked-for feature will come to the game via their mini-expansion packs called gamepack ($19.99 USD). The pack will feature a new world that looks like…

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Second Trailer Impression

It’s that time of year when Nintendo releases a trailer for the now yearly Pokemon games to get us all excited. At least for me, I’m a big-time Pokemon fan. While the Pokemon franchise has taken some very questionable directions…

The Ink ‘N Paint Club Podcast Episode Round-Up 05/25/2022 – 06/01/2022

Time for another round of The Ink and Paint Podcast Episodes. This crop covers the newest animation offerings! First off is last week’s episode where JD, Gary and I talk about the new Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers movie! If…

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