Order Up!: Chatting with Wadjet Eye Games

We had the opportunity to meet with Dave Gilbert, founder of Wadjet Eye Games, to talk about their two upcoming titles!

3 More Demos to try at PAX West

We’ve got 3 more demos to check out at PAX West, including a bullet hell with a beat, stripped down rhythm game, and spooky party shenanigans!

PAX West Spotlight: Metalcore

Mithrandiel goes to war in MetalCore at PAX West! This 1st/3rd person shooter is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

PAX West Spotlight: Shovel Knight Dig

Shovel Knight is back in a new adventure that sends players deep into the ground in a fun roguelike that features ever-changing levels

PAX West Spotlight: Worldless

Mithrandiel gets lost in the beautiful landscapes of Worldless.

PAX West Spotlight: Mina the Hollower

The creators of Shovel Knight have a new adventure coming – explore, burrow, and fight as renowned Hollower, Mina in this upcoming release.

PAX West Spotlight: One Last Breath

Mithrandiel spends some time with One Last Breath – a unique puzzler that tells the story of man vs nature in a unique way.

PAX West Roundup:  5 demos to try this weekend

At PAX this weekend and looking for some games to try? We’ve got recommendations to fit every type of gamer!

PAX West Spotlight: Chorus Worldwide

Take a look at our favourite showings from Chorus Worldwide this PAX – Coffee Talk 2 and Paper Ghost Stories!

PAX West Spotlight: Demonschool

Defeat demons, solve mysteries, and build relationships with your friends in this 70s Italian horror-inspired RPG.

PAX West Spotlight: Spirit of Midnight

Solve puzzles and find the magic in the world as a cat on his first adventure outside in this comfy point and click adventure.

PAX West 2022 – First Impressions

Mithrandiel recaps a handful of games he demo’s this morning, including One Piece Odyssey, Beneath Oresa, and Ukrainian-developed March March!

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