Chris, Lance and Jeremy share their experiences at San Diego Comic Con 2022!

A Return to SDCC – Recap of Day 4

All good (and geeky) things must come to an end – Mithrandiel recaps his last day at SDCC 2022!


By: RogueSymbiote Don Aguillo is a name you will want to familiarize yourself with in the world of comics. As a writer, artist, creator and co-founder of independent publisher In Hiatus Studios, Don is constantly working to perfect his craft…

A Return to SDCC – Recap of Day 3

Mithrandiel dives into the big day: Saturday! What did we see and do on day 3 of San Diego Comic Con? Take a look!

A Return to SDCC – Recap of Day 2

Mithrandiel attends a panel with Dan Slott, visits one of his favorite comic artists, and gets a sneak peek at Dragon Ball’s latest film! It’s SDCC Day 2!

A Return to SDCC – Recap of Day 1

Mithrandiel recounts his first full day back at SDCC since 2019! (Spoiler alert – it’s great to be back!)

PAX East 2022: Day 2

Mithrandiel had a long Friday, but it was worth it! PAX East, day 2!

PAX East 2022 Spotlight: Below the Stone

Mithrandiel goes digging with one of his favorites from PAX East 2022: Below the Stone!

PAX East 2022: Day 1

Mithrandiel chronicles his first day at PAX East 2022!

PAX East 2022 Spotlight: Elevating Your Virtual Tabletop Experience with Alchemy RPG

Mithrandiel dives into an engaging virtual tabletop world with Alchemy RPG – a new tool designed to elevate your virtual sessions!

The Return of the Convention Season: WonderCon 2022

The convention season is back! WonderCon 2022 in all of its glory, as recounted by Mithrandiel.

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