Project Scorpio, What About the Price?

AlanV muses about Microsoft’s upcoming new console, codenamed Scorpio, as well as the looming pricetag.

The Change That Launched 1,000 Ships: How The Crunchyroll Bitrate Fiasco Is Reviving The Piracy War

Mithrandiel takes a look at the PR fiasco currently plaguing Crunchyroll, and how it has inadvertently re-ignited an age old debate surrounding piracy.

Horizon Zero Dawn (Second Opinion)

Zelyhon offers his own take on Horizon Zero Dawn – the expansive open world game that recently launched on PS4.

All-Mothers and Metal Devils: Religion in Horizon Zero Dawn

Mithrandiel takes a look at how Horizon Zero Dawn uses religion and spiritual beliefs to build tension and construct a vibrant and interesting world.

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc Recap 1-4

BellaKaiba takes a look at Blue Exorcist and its highly anticipated sequel!

The Jewphin Rants About… Progression

TheJewphin discusses what it means for a protagonist to truly progress in a video game and how changes in gameplay affect our view of the protagonist.

Thunder Revisits: Osiris New Dawn

This week, Thunder returns to the space survival title Osiris New Dawn!

Mithical Entertainment First Look: Sundered

Mithrandiel finally gets his hands on the pre-alpha for Sundered – a metroidvania game he first tried out at TwitchCon last year.

The Nintendo Switch: Will it Revive Couch Co-Op?

Mithrandiel recaps the major announcements from Nintendo’s press conference surrounding their latest console: the Switch!

CES 2017: Day Three

Mithrandiel recaps his last full day at CES 2017!

Hey, Listen! – A Closer Look at the North American Conference on Video Game Music

Mithrandiel interviews William Gibbons from the North American Conference on Video Game Music about their conference and the industry at large.

Nier Automata: First Look (Video)

Mithrandiel takes a look at Nier Automata – the upcoming 3rd person action title from Square Enix and Platinum Games!

Mithical Entertainment’s Game of the Year 2016

Mithical Entertainment staff highlights their game of the year for 2016!

TwitchCon and the Culture of Content Creation

Mithrandiel reflects on his time at TwitchCon 2016, and how a culture of content creation manifested itself into one of the most enjoyable cons he’s been to.

TwitchCon: Day 0 Recap

By: Mithrandiel While most of the action starts today, TwitchCon had an eventful evening for Day 0. Amazon Game Studios kicked off the events with a presentation on three games currently in the works, as well as their inspiration for…

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