Indie Game Spotlight: Beep Boop Bot

Though rough around the edges, it is a demo after all, Beep Boop Bot has all the promise of being an excellent time-sink on the computer.

Rock Stars of Tech – Is Awareness of Tech Icons going Mainstream?

Move aside music icons…there are new rock stars in town. Kirk explores how today’s world idolizes a new brand of superstars: Tech CEOs.

“Where’s the ‘Any’ Key”? – Adapting in the Digital Age

Mith explores why engagement with technology is critical to being a modern-day citizen, specifically when it comes to viewing and sharing digital photos.

Hit or Mith: Battle for Zendikar Review

Magic: The Gathering’s latest expansion, Battle for Zendikar, is here! See what ALuckyBum has to say about the newest mechanics!

Rise From Your Grave! – How Kickstarter Is Reviving Some Of Gaming’s Most Iconic Franchises

What if your favorite video game series could be brought back to life? Kickstarter has made that a reality for many Millenials favorite childhood games, but how does it impact the larger industry, if at all? Mith explores the dark powers of Kickstarter’s video game necromancy.

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