Looking for the latest anime reviews? Whether you’re curious about Funimation’s latest releases or the hottest new shows from the current season, The Geekly Grind has got you covered!

Anime Review – One Punch Man

With stunning animation, a unique premise and hilarious and memorable characters, One Punch Man delivers a knockout punch to end 2015.

Mithical Entertainment’s Anime of the Year

Mithrandiel looks back at 2015 and picks out his top Anime of the Year!

Anime Review: Ushio and Tora

A fun, if predictable, supernatural shonen series, Ushio and Tora might not be one of the best shows of the season, but it’s definitely worth your time (if you have any to spare).

Holiday Buying Guide: Anime Lovers

Mithrandiel covers some great gift ideas for the anime lover in your life!

Anime Review – Young Black Jack

Mithrandiel takes a look at a prequel looking to fill some very large shoes.

Press Release: Sentai Filmworks Licenses Utawarerumono (OVA)

Latest news from Sentai Filmworks!

Throwback Thursday Review: Lensman – Secret of the Lens

A favorite from his childhood, Mithrandiel takes a look back at Lensman – Secret of the Lens. How does it hold up?

Anime First Look – Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

Iron Blooded Orphans certainly has what it takes to stand among some of the best the Gundam universe has to offer. Time will only tell if it will deliver on its promise.

Anime Review – Charlotte

Charlotte starts off with promise, but ultimately winds down a road the viewer barely sees coming, leaving fans dazed and confused when the credits finally roll.

Throwback Thursday Review – Outlaw Star

Though often compared to the legendary series Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star is a romping space-adventure that is able to stand on its own.

Anime First Look – One Punch Man

A hilarious twist on a traditional action series, One Punch Man is 70% comedy, 80% action and 200% awesome. It is definitely worth your time this Fall season.

Anime Review – GATE

With great animation and a story that stands out, GATE is one of the more entertaining shows from this last season.

Anime First Look – The Asterisk War

While the premise is a road many anime viewers have been down before, the striking animation and balanced pace of the opening episode invites viewers back for more.

Rokka – Braves of the Six Flowers Review

A unique action/adventure anime that morphs into an engaging mystery, Rokka – Braves of the Six Flowers successfully steps off the path often taken by other series and is an intelligent and refreshing series more than worth a watch.

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