Boruto – Episode 65 (Review)

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  1. mojo says:

    hands down the best fight i have seen so far in all the naruto episodes so far

    1. Jeremy Snow says:

      I definitely think it’s up there, though I’m also a huge fan of Kakashi v Obito. I think it leaned a bit more into the narrative/emotional side of things (though this episode had its fair share, don’t get me wrong). Still, thoroughly impressive!

  2. Mickal Koroma says:

    Hands down definitely the best fight I have seen in the history of Naruto. the fight was so good I literally watched the episode twice back to back and I have never done that with any anime I’ve ever seen. That was downright Epic. Naruto and Sasuke work so well together literally like they know what each other is thinking without saying the word. I was also cool to see boruto come into his own

    1. Jeremy Snow says:

      Agreed – seeing Naruto and Sasuke working so seamlessly together reminds you why their separation caused so much drama in the original run of Naruto + Shippuden. They are so much more powerful together than they are apart.

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