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Angolmois: Episode 12 – The Best You Can Do [Review]

The bloodbath reaches its tragic, inevitable end in Angolmois – episode 12. v.o.lynn shares her thoughts.

Angolmois: Episode 11 – The Sun God of Tsushima – [Review]

Everybody dies! Kinda. v.o.lynn reviews episode 11 of Angolmois – check it out!

Angolmois: Episode 10 – Bad Omen – [Review]

v.o.lynn shares her thoughts on episode 10 of Angolmois!

Angolmois – Episode 9: Battle of the Mountain Castle – [Review]

Betrayal abounds in Angolmois – episode 9! Check out v.o.lynn’s latest review.

Angolmois – Episode 8: Betrayer’s Strike – [Review]

The mongols are coming! The mongols are coming! Our heroes do what they can to prepare, as v.o.lynn reviews the latest episode of Angolmois

Angolmois – Episode 7: Kanatanoki – [Summary/Review]

In the wake of death, and the midst of mourning, important lessons are learned as v.o.lynn reviews episode 7 of Angolmois!

Angolmois: Episode 6 – Where Death Leads – [Summary/Review]

More death and despair awaits as v.o.lynn reviews Angolmois, episode 6!

Angolmois – Episode 5 (Review)

Check out v.o.lynn’s review of Angolmois, episode 5!

Angolmois – Episode 4 (Review)

Hostage-taking, blackmail, fearsome commanders and more! v.o.lynn reviews Angolmois, episode 4!

Angolmois – Episode 3 (Review)

The battle against the mongols is heating up as v.o.lynn reviews Angolmois, episode 3!

Angolmois – Episode 2 (Review)

Battles heat up, allies are made, and the stage is being set for a massive confrontation. v.o.lynn reviews episode 2 of Angolmois!

Angolmois: Record of the Mongol Invasion – Episode 1 (Review)

v.o.lynn goes to battle as the Summer season continues its premieres, reviewing episode 1 of Angolmois. Take a look!

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online – Episode 12 (Review)

Gun Gale Online comes to a fitting end as v.o.lynn reviews the finale. How did the series wrap up?

SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online – Episode 11 – Psycho LLENN [Recap/Review – SPOILERS]

The climactic battle continues as v.o.lynn reviews Gun Gale Online episode 11!

Queen’s Quality – Vol 4 – Manga – [Review]

v.o.lynn reviews volume 4 of Queens Quality, and reflects on the important messages of self-care found within.

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