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Blu Ray Review: LoveLive! Second Season

Scarlette reviews the pop-idol anime series: LoveLive!

Game of Thrones: Season 6- Episode One Review

Scarlette takes a look at the season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones! As we enter uncharted territory, what comes next?

Hit or Mith: ROUND THREE! 4/14 Edition!

Scarlette dives into this week’s news, including the announcement of a Psycho Pass video game and the long-awaited trailer for Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”

Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Lace and Lore

Scarlette sits down with the co-owners and founders of the popular “Lace and Lore” clothing line to find out about their history and inspiration.

Convention Wrap Up: Wonder Con 2016

Scarlette is alive and back from Wonder Con 2016! Check out her weekend wrap up of the event, and a sneak peek gallery of the convention!

Hit or Mith 3/24

Hit or Mith: ROUND TWO! 3/24 Edition. Check out Scarlette’s weekly anime and video game highlights!

Hit or Mith (3/17/16) – Sony makes a splash with VR, People look forward to Tyranny, and more!

Hit or Mith: ROUND ONE! Check out our weekly “need to know!” news round up! This week: Playstation VR, Tyranny announcement, remembering Akira Tago, and more.

Tokyo ESP Box Set Review

Scarlette dives into the Tokyo ESP Limited Box Set, check out her series and set review!

Mid Season Anime Review- Active Raid

Scarlette kicks the door in on “Active Raid” in this mid-season review!

Tokyo Ghoul Collector’s Edition and Series Review

Today Scarlette takes a bite out of the Tokyo Ghoul blu-ray set. Is it worth picking up? Read on and find out!

Video Game Review- Unravel

Scarlette hits the emotional wall during her latest review for Unravel

Video Game Review – Nom Nom Galaxy

Scarlette makes space soup! Check out her latest review on Nom Nom Galaxy

Flipping the Script: Shows that Defy the typical Anime Formula

In her first article for Mithical Entertainment, Scarlette takes a look at a few anime series that have taken the conventional formula and flipped it on its head.

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