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The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow (Review)

We loved The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow – a dark tale of the mysteries hidden along the moors of rural England and a fateful dig.

The creepy, magical adventure of Beacon Pines

Welcome to Beacon Pines – a gorgeous little town with a dark history, and an even darker present… Can you and your friends save the day?

Whateverland (Review)

Whateverland’s non-linear approach is promising, but it’s held back by uneven sound design and unpolished controls.

Latinx in Gaming celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month!

Check out Latinx in Gaming’s Hispanic Heritage Month events featuring cooking, talks, and games, and their first-ever mobile game game jam!

Order Up!: Going broke and my love/hate relationship with Idol Manager

Idol Manager’s dark humor makes for valid commentary on the industry, but does it make for good gameplay? We’re still undecided.

Kitsune Zero (Review)

The predecessor to upcoming platformer Kitsune Tails, Kitsune Zero suffers from uncomfortable controls and a design far too like Super Mario.

Order Up!: Chatting with Wadjet Eye Games

We had the opportunity to meet with Dave Gilbert, founder of Wadjet Eye Games, to talk about their two upcoming titles!

Roadwarden (Review)

Step into your own fantasy novel in the fascinating world of Roadwarden – a text-based adventure where secrets abound.

Nine Noir Lives is a purr-fectly crafted point and click

With a catmosphere of mystery and danger, Nine Noir Lives is a pawsitively engaging point and click adventure to get lost in.

3 More Demos to try at PAX West

We’ve got 3 more demos to check out at PAX West, including a bullet hell with a beat, stripped down rhythm game, and spooky party shenanigans!

PAX West Spotlight: Shovel Knight Dig

Shovel Knight is back in a new adventure that sends players deep into the ground in a fun roguelike that features ever-changing levels

PAX West Spotlight: Mina the Hollower

The creators of Shovel Knight have a new adventure coming – explore, burrow, and fight as renowned Hollower, Mina in this upcoming release.

PAX West Roundup:  5 demos to try this weekend

At PAX this weekend and looking for some games to try? We’ve got recommendations to fit every type of gamer!

PAX West Spotlight: Chorus Worldwide

Take a look at our favourite showings from Chorus Worldwide this PAX – Coffee Talk 2 and Paper Ghost Stories!

PAX West Spotlight: Demonschool

Defeat demons, solve mysteries, and build relationships with your friends in this 70s Italian horror-inspired RPG.

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