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Movie Review: The Revenant

Expertly combining the brutal with the breathtaking, The Revenant is a fantastic piece of art that features very little dialogue, but still says volumes.

Opinion – Bloodborne Ruined Action Games For Me

Mithrandiel explains why his favorite feature of Bloodborne is simultaneously his greatest enemy.

Throwback Thursday Review: Berserk Golden Age OVAs

In light of the upcoming new season of Berserk, Mithrandiel takes a short stroll back to 2012-2013 to re-visit the “Golden Age” OVA series that revived and reinvigorated the franchise.

Anime Review: Beautiful Bones (Sakurako’s Investigation)

Mithrandiel does some detective work and looks into Beautiful Bones, a mystery series from last season that fails to satisfy.

Fandom Spotlight: Cosplay Photography with Nickolas Iampietro

In our first “Fandom Spotlight” segment, we have a chat with Nickolas Iampietro about his work in cosplay photography.

New Year, New You: Apps And Gadgets To Help You With Your Resolutions

2016 is here, and that means a fresh batch of resolutions for you to conquer! Today we look at some apps and gadgets to help you put your best foot forward as we enter the new year.

Looking Ahead: Our Most Anticipated Anime of 2016

On this installment of “Looking Ahead”, we take a look into 2016 and pick out some of the more exciting anime series that we’re looking forward to.

Looking Ahead: Our Most Anticipated Tech Trends of 2016

In this installment of Looking Ahead, we take a look at some exciting developments in store for 2016 in the world of tech.

Star Wars – The Force Awakens Theories and Discussions **SPOILERS*

ALuckyBum discusses some Star Wars theories and presents some hypotheses of his own. SPOILER ALERT THERE ARE SIGNIFICANT SPOILERS WITHIN

Looking Ahead: Our Most Anticipated Games of 2016

In this installment of “Looking Ahead”, we look ahead to the upcoming year and select some of the most exciting video game releases coming in 2016, from highly anticipated sequels to fresh franchises.

Anime Review – One Punch Man

With stunning animation, a unique premise and hilarious and memorable characters, One Punch Man delivers a knockout punch to end 2015.

Movie Review: Star Wars – The Force Awakens

The most highly anticipated movie of the year has finally arrived. With such hype built around it, does the new Star Wars deliver? *This Review is Spoiler Free*

Mithical Entertainment’s Game Of The Year

Mithrandiel and ALuckyBum take a look back at 2015 and share their top 5 games of the year.

Mithical Entertainment’s Anime of the Year

Mithrandiel looks back at 2015 and picks out his top Anime of the Year!

Saving Our Digital Lives: Why Backups Matter

Mithrandiel takes a look at the importance of backups, and just how many people are vulnerable to catastrophic data loss

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