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You’re here to slay the princess if you don’t… it will be the end of the world

Don’t believe her lies and uncover the truth behind the dangerous princess in the demo for this Lovecraftian time loop adventure!

A soulslike game bursting in colors? Dive into the art of Alterborn

See how Alterborn’s art team breaks down the process of reinventing the soulslike visual formula in a more light-hearted fashion.

A Righteous Thirst For Vengeance #10 [Review]

Mithrandiel digs into Remender’s prenultimate issue of Righteous Thirst for Vengeance – a high-octane shootout that keeps the pages flying.

First Impressions: Dragon Ball Super – Super Hero

Mithrandiel reflects on the sneak peek at Dragon Ball Super Hero that he got from San Diego Comic Con – will Gohan finally be cool again?!

Star Citizen – Alpha 3.17.2 Launches Today Featuring New Siege of Orison Dynamic Event

The latest alpha of Star Citizen is here! Read on for more info on new player caps, features and more!

A Return to SDCC – Recap of Day 4

All good (and geeky) things must come to an end – Mithrandiel recaps his last day at SDCC 2022!

A Return to SDCC – Recap of Day 3

Mithrandiel dives into the big day: Saturday! What did we see and do on day 3 of San Diego Comic Con? Take a look!

A Return to SDCC – Recap of Day 2

Mithrandiel attends a panel with Dan Slott, visits one of his favorite comic artists, and gets a sneak peek at Dragon Ball’s latest film! It’s SDCC Day 2!

A Return to SDCC – Recap of Day 1

Mithrandiel recounts his first full day back at SDCC since 2019! (Spoiler alert – it’s great to be back!)

Wondrous Worlds Await You In The Radiant Citadel [Review]

Mithrandiel digs into the latest sourcebook from Wizards of the Coast: Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel!

Kickstarter Preview: Find your Game with TAVRN!

Mithrandiel takes an early look at TAVRN – an interactive platform designed to help TTRPG players find other players!

The Geekly Grind – Now On Patreon!

Looking to elevate the next phase of coverage – The Geekly Grind is now on Patreon for you to support!

Haunting Animated Short “Beacon” Assures Us – Help is Not On The Way

Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on animator Andrew Stadler’s debut title: Beacon, and learns more about his path to professional animation

Briefs by Blake – “Last But Not Least” – The Last Saiyuki [Review]

In the final Briefs by Blake installation, Blake tackles The Last Saiyuki! A demon slaying protagonist with a younger sister…sound familiar?

Briefs by Blake: “Restored Interest” – Rurouni Kenshin Restoration [Review]

Blake’s interest in a foundational series is renewed with Rurouni Kenshin Restoration – check out his thoughts here!

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