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PAX West 2022: Day 2 Highlights/Demos

Mithrandiel provides his summary of his 2nd day at PAX West, and 6 additional games to demo or buy!

PAX West Spotlight: Metalcore

Mithrandiel goes to war in MetalCore at PAX West! This 1st/3rd person shooter is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

PAX West Spotlight: Worldless

Mithrandiel gets lost in the beautiful landscapes of Worldless.

PAX West Spotlight: One Last Breath

Mithrandiel spends some time with One Last Breath – a unique puzzler that tells the story of man vs nature in a unique way.

PAX West 2022 – First Impressions

Mithrandiel recaps a handful of games he demo’s this morning, including One Piece Odyssey, Beneath Oresa, and Ukrainian-developed March March!

Cullen Bunn delivers Chilling New Tale With “A Foulness In The Walls” This November

Aftershock Comix brings another great tale from the twisted mind of Cullen Bunn – A Foulness in the Walls: coming this November!

Wizards of the Coast: Spelljammer Box Set [Video Review]

Mithrandiel unboxes the alternative art cover set for Wizards of the Coast’s latest D&D sourcebooks detailing the spellbinding world of Spelljammer!

Announcing PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe

Clean up Junktown and trash talk your friends in this latest sidescrolling installment from the award-winning PixelJunk series


your name., AKIRA, and JUJUTSU KAISEN 0 Coming to Crunchyroll; Tower of God 2nd Season Announced, and More!

The Closet #3 [Review]

Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on Tynion’s latest mini-series, as The Closet comes to a conclusion.

Twig #4 [Review]

Mithrandiel reviews the latest issue from Skottie Young’s adventure series: Twig! Will our placeling finally meet the end of his journey?

With Judgment Day, Kieron Gillen Achieves Something Incredible: An Accessible Comic Event

Mithrandiel shares his thoughts on the opening arc of Kieron Gillen’s summer comic event – Judgment Day!

You’re here to slay the princess if you don’t… it will be the end of the world

Don’t believe her lies and uncover the truth behind the dangerous princess in the demo for this Lovecraftian time loop adventure!

A soulslike game bursting in colors? Dive into the art of Alterborn

See how Alterborn’s art team breaks down the process of reinventing the soulslike visual formula in a more light-hearted fashion.

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