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Moving Online: Why some of the best products may not be in stores

Today Kirk takes a look at the shift of new products being available exclusively online as opposed to brick-and-mortar stores.

Let’s Discuss: Modern Mobile Classics

Today Kirk takes a look at some of his favorite mobile titles.

Here and Gone: Is An Increasingly Ephemeral Social Internet The Future?

Kirk examines the implications of our fleeting online interactions.

CES 2016: From Iterative Improvements Come High Praise.

Kirk shares his thoughts on this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Murder they Wrote: The Spectacle Of A Murder Mystery That Has Taken the Internet By Storm

Kirk takes a look at the phenomenon of “Making A Murderer”.

A Look Back: The Tech Landscape of 2015

Kirk takes a look back at 2015 and some of the major developments within the biggest tech companies.

Podcasts: A new listeners starter kit

Merry Christmas! Today Kirk has a special article on getting started with Podcasts. Enjoy!

The Great Lull

This week, Kirk takes a central topic of the “CTRL WALT DELETE” podcast, namely that tech consumers are becoming increasingly bored with the incremental improvements in technology, and expands on it with his own thoughts.

Digit: Creating Your Online Savings

This week, Kirk takes a look at “Digit”, a great app to help you start saving money.

Weight Loss And Wearables: The Habits That Helped Me Rewire My Hunger

Kirk Douglas sheds some light on his impressive weight loss over the past year, including how he has used technology during his journey.

Big Screens, Big future: “A completely different thing”

With the arrival of the iPad Pro and the continuing influence of large tablets in the computing market…what’s next? Kirk Douglas takes a closer look at the evolution of tablets.

Holiday Cheer and Our Tech Obsession

It’s that time of year, and Kirk is reflecting on how our obsession with tech plays into the spirit of gift-giving in the holiday season.

You’re Subscribed! – The Problems Subscription Services Have Solved and the New Problems They’ve Created

Kirk explores the rapid growth of subscription based services, from Netflix and Hulu to Adobe Creative suite and beyond…what problems have they solved for developers? What problems have they created for consumers?

The Evolution of Nintendo

Formerly the top dog of home entertainment, Nintendo has seen better days. What can the company do to turn things around? Kirk has some ideas…

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