91 Days – Episode 7 (Review)

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  1. manganime says:

    A terrific episode, and I even felt a tiny smidge of sympathy for Frate, though I knew he had a bullet coming for him. He betrayed his brother out of envy. That deserves death, really, in a mafioso family structure.

    And I still root for Avilio. These men were behind killing his whole family. Not just his dad, which in gangster terms, might be understandable if dad was a danger. But a small child and a woman. They’re monsters–Nero, Vanno, and Vincent. They totally deserve the destruction Avilio is bringing. I don’t think she should feel pity. They showed no pity to his family, and Nero only showed a fraction of pity for Avilio in hesitating before shooting.

    If anyone deserved his bloody vengeance on a bunch of criminal thugs, it’s Avilio. I’m behind him every step. Nero shot his father. So, he owes Avilio his blood.

    And it’s not like we’re talking about decent, merciful, help the helpless citizens of high honor. We’re talking about thieving, killing thugs. They live by the gun and ought not to be surprised if they die by the gun.

    Nero, Vanno, and Vincent killed the previous don and Avilio’s family. What mercy do they deserve?

    No mercy.

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