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For general inquiries, including requests for review of new games/comics/etc, you can email [email protected].

For business inquiries, including possible partnerships, you can contact either Mithrandiel or Archmage directly.

Interested in joining our staff?

Mithrandiel started this site as a passion project back in September of 2015. We have seen some tremendous growth since then and continue to accumulate more followers and readers every day. That being said, the project remains a passion project: compensation is currently not an option given our resources.

However, Mith also understands that your work has value. Often times writers/photographers/artists are asked to do work for free for the “exposure”, so we actively try to avoid that as much as possible. While payment might not be an option, once you join The Geekly Grind staff we definitely do all that we can to provide you with some great perks, whether that’s review copies of anime/manga/video games, press passes to conventions, or the opportunity to participate in high-profile interviews. If you’re still interested in writing for us, please see below:

Contributor: Please email [email protected] with a writing sample and what you like to write about (Video Games, Anime, Comics/Manga, etc). If you’re interested in covering news or conventions, please include your previous experience and a sample article.

Operations Staff: Please email [email protected] with a brief description of your skill set and qualifications.


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