Left to right: Scarlette, Mithrandiel, ZeloOmega, Zelyhon, Archmage, TheJewphin

Who We Are:

The Geekly Grind was started in September of 2015 with a pretty simple goal in mind: to be the most reliable, fun and interesting site you visit for all of your anime, video game and other geek-centric news. We might not be the only site you visit, but we definitely want you to look forward to seeing what we have new for you every day! As we approach our 4th anniversary, we’re excited to continue bringing exclusive articles and interviews to our faithful readers!



Jeremy Snow, AKA “Mithrandiel” – The Man, the Mith. A 33-year old gamer, anime geek and tech enthusiast, Mithrandiel has done freelance contributions for RPGamer, Anime News Network, Geektrum, and various other websites over the years.  Now he is starting up on his own!

Senior Staff:

Patrick Romani, AKA “Archmage” (Operations Lead/Co-Founder) – Based out of the Bay Area, our mighty web-wizard manages the nitty gritty of our hosting operations.

Stephany Brown, AKA “Scarlette” (Social Media Manager) – Formerly of “Geektrum”, Scarlette lends us her passion around all things geeky! Veteran San Diego Comic Con attendee and all-around fangirl, Scarlette is our Social Media Manager, which means that she makes sure our Instagram game is on point…as well as starting some Twitter wars from time to time.

Elliot Karlin, AKA “TheJewphin” (Business Development Manager/Contributor) – The sultan of snark, if TheJewphin isn’t advising Mithrandiel on next steps for the site, you may find him offering his cynical twist on reviewing the latest anime or video game titles. If you’re lucky, you may catch one of his rants.

Nick Sylvanus, AKA “Zero Omega” (Community Manager) – Our discord administrator, Nick brings many years of expertise to bear in managing our online community.


AlanV (Contributor – Anime/Video Games) – Part of the generation of men lost to video games. Also: anime.

Sean, AKA “ThunderHeavyArm” (Contributor – Video Games) – Born and raised by assassins, it’s no wonder that most of Sean’s games have plenty of blood and gore in them. He has a passion for games with good story or interesting twists on old mechanics. While games are his forte, he has been known to watch anime from time to time. If you ask him politely he might give you his opinion on what he’s doing.

Andros Craig (Contributor – Video Games) – 

Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Hill, AKA “Illusion” (Contributor – Board Games) – 

Jeb Haught, AKA “Gentleman Jeb” (Contributor – Video Games) – Gentleman Jeb has been an avid gamer and hardcore geek ever since the first time he stepped into an arcade. As a result, he finds solace in a wide variety of alternate realities. In addition to gaming, this cheeky chap is heavily devoted to the Steampunk scene, rides a four-foot tall highwheel bicycle, and spends an inordinate amount of time waxing and shaping his handlebar mustache.

Ashley, AKA “Rae” (Contributor – Video Games) – Rae joins us to contribute manga and anime reviews! Raised in the libraries of rural New York, Rae is an avid gamer, reader, and traveler who loves to experience the world through books. She has soft spots for shoujo, fantasy, and cooking dramas.

Ben Levy, AKA “Zelyhon” (Contributor – Anime/Manga/Video Games) – A longtime friend of Mithrandiel’s, Zelyhon shares his thoughts on the latest anime, and occasionally digs through his vast Steam library to highlight games we may have missed, but definitely deserve our time.

Alexandra Nutting, AKA “EyeSpyeAlex” (Contributor – Anime/Video Games) – Originally from the Shire on the East Coast, EyeSpyeAlex is a fan of all things sci-fi, fantastic, and beastly. When not planning cosplays, playing board games, or playing video games, she can be found going on well researched tangents about Harry Potter and The Twilight Zone to people who would rather join the Kanamits for dinner after attending a Professor Binn’s history lesson.

Victoria, AKA “v.o.lynn” (Contributor – Anime/Manga) – V. O. Lynn hails from the midwest but is in a haven of geekdom at the moment. Fandom umbrellas include (but are not limited to) Miyazaki, Doctor Who, Fallout, and Welcome to Night Vale.

Lance Watkins, AKA “Roguesymbiote” (Contributor – Anime/Comics/Geek Culture) – I grew up on Power Rangers and animated shows like X-Men and Dragonball Z. I love binge watching shows and have developed a comic book addiction thanks to Marvel and DC films, but I’m trying to get into more indie comics now. Doesn’t matter if it’s board games, video games or D&D, I pretty much play it all.

Michelle Watkins, AKA “I.Am.No.Man.” (Contributor – TV/Geek Culture) – Fantasy and science fiction lover since basically birth, I.Am.No.Man reviews nerd culture shows like Geek and Sundry’s Critical Role and BBC’s Doctor Who. She can often be found curled up with a new Murakami book, playing board games or DnD, or binge watching hours and hours of Critical Role. New to the anime scene, I.Am.No.Man hopes to lend an outsiders point of view to the industry’s classic and popular shows.

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