Venture Brothers – Season 7 Episode 3 (Review)

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  1. EhEhRon says:

    The first time Orpheus meets Action Man and the rest of the old Team Venture, he predicts the Action Man having a stroke. Down to the day. I don’t remember how long he said exactly or if it correlates with when it happens in this episode, but it’s interesting that Orpheus is the one who identifies Action Man’s symptoms as a stroke.
    Great review! While somewhat disappointing, Jonas and Vendata definitely got what was coming to them.

    1. That is wonderful! I went back to the episode (Past Tense from season 1) and he does say “2 years and 17 days, from a stroke.” That gives even greater context to him being flustered when everyone is trying to help. Man, this show is amazing. Thank you for the comment!

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