TwitchCon Spotlight: Trion Worlds

By: Mithrandiel

Walking the large expo hall at TwitchCon, there were plenty of large signs to help orient and direct attendees, but among the many large booths there was one in particular that always seemed to be bustling: Trion Worlds.


I could smell the glorious aroma of fresh coffee, and as I approached I noticed numerous bean-bag chairs around a table loaded with chargers for mobile devices. A perfect place to relax and recharge, the Trion Worlds booth saw thousands of guests over the weekend.

In the midst of all the craziness that was TwitchCon, I managed to snag Trion Worlds’ senior live media manager Evan Berman for an interview about the company, what he’s excited for, and what updates and releases we have to look forward to.


Take a listen to our conversation below:

To learn more about Trion Worlds’ games, check out their site here. Also – make sure to keep an eye out for their lost pup!



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