TwitchCon Spotlight: GameWisp

By: Mithrandiel

Over the course of TwitchCon weekend I met a lot of Twitch partners – these are individuals who have garnered enough of a community/base that Twitch offers them the option of having a “subscribe” button. This drastically improves the streamers ability to monetize their channel and continue doing what they love while getting paid for it.

However, there are a vast number of Twitch streamers out there that never get the chance to partner with Twitch. Maybe they don’t have enough followers or concurrent viewers to justify a partnership – but they are still looking for ways to monetize their channel. This is where GameWisp comes in.

Take a listen below as I interview Michael Anderson, CEO and co-founder of GameWisp. We discuss his inspiration for forming the  company, as well as best practices/tips for new and upcoming streamers.

Interested in more information? You can visit GameWisp’s official site here.

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