TwitchCon Spotlight: Extra Life

By: Mithrandiel

When I was growing up I was always told that playing video games was a “waste of time”. I could be doing more productive things – and instead I was busy running and gunning down monsters, exploring large and fantastical worlds in search for a mystical weapon of legend or just brawling my way through the thug-filled streets of fictional cities.

Still, what if there was a way to play the video games I love and help support an awesome cause? As it turns out, there are ways to do just that! One of them is the charity known as Extra Life. By partnering with Twitch streamers and professional gamers, Extra Life raises money for children’s hospitals to help economically disadvantaged families afford the intensive and long-term care their children need. I was lucky enough to interview Michael Kinney, Director of Extra Life, about this charity and his inspirations for it.


Extra Life Director – Michael Kinney

Take a listen to my interview with Director of Extra Life, Michael Kinney, below:

Mr. Kinney was not there alone, however, as Reed Scarfino (otherwise known as Scarfino on Twitch) was also present at the booth to talk about the charity. Having raised over $55,000 in the last year through Extra Life, Mr. Scarfino is very passionate about the company and the good work that it does. Take a listen to our interview below to learn more about Mr. Scarfino’s involvement with Extra Life.

If you’re interested in creating an Extra Life account you can do so at their site here. Mithical Entertainment has created an account and set a goal of raising $1000 over the next year, so please keep an eye out for upcoming streams/events to reach that goal. If you are interested in submitting a donation please visit our page here. Every little bit helps!

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