TwitchCon Spotlight: Black Shell Media

By: Mithrandiel

We live in a complicated age when it comes to content creation. With advancements in technology, quality game development software isn’t too hard to find. Indie developers can put together a story, art, sound…compile a solid game and even deploy it on mobile, steam or the major console stores. Yet, despite all their hard work, many games end up languishing on digital shelves, and ultimately fail to gain enough traction to fund a second project. (Alx Preston, creator of Hyper Light Drifter, has quite a bit of insight on game development. Take a listen to the interview.)

So, what’s an indie publisher to do? How can they make sure their game is seen by as many people as possible and picked up by an excited base that can help fund future projects? That’s where Black Shell Media comes in.


I had the opportunity to interview Raghav Mathur from Black Shell Media about the company, what they do, and best practices for new indie devs starting out. Take a listen to our chat below!

If you’re an indie dev or want to learn more about Black Shell Media, you can check out their site here.

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