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Trickster: Part 2 (Box Set Review)

By: RogueSymbiote


If you haven’t read my review of Part 1, you can find that right here.

The Boy Detectives’ Club is back, but broken. Waves of contention remain after Hanasaki’s actions with 20 Faces. Kobayashi has not forgotten Hanasaki’s promise to help the apparent immortal end his life. As 20 Faces continues his twisted game, both Kobayashi and Akechi must confront their pasts.

Story Arc

Since the encounter with 20 Faces, Inoue has taken the leadership role of the investigation firm in Akechi’s absence. Hanasaki has not been cleared by Inoue to get back out into the field, but that doesn’t stop Kobayashi from dragging him along. Inoue and Hanasaki’s relationship hasn’t been the same since their encounter with Akechi’s old rival. The Boy Detectives’ Club takes on various cases, but everything changes when the influence of 20 Faces becomes once again.

The mask wearing villain everyone thought was in custody was in fact a fake. He was just another pawn that follows 20 Faces’ powerful influence. While escorting a known murderer to another facility, Kobayashi is subjected to mental testing by the deranged psychologist and begins to recall his past. These flashbacks continue to reveal more about who he is and what forged his incredible powers. Kobayashi learns why some memories should remain repressed.

Confusion erupts when authorities begin to believe that 20 Faces is in fact Akechi. The members of the Boy Detectives’ Club fight against these accusations, but no one will listen to their pleas. Akechi must become a man on the run in order to beat his nemesis. While trying to discover how to defeat 20 Faces, Akechi learns that not all of his associates and allies. Dissension in the ranks throws everyone for a loop, but they must regain composure if they are to beat their ominous foe.

The series culminates in a final showdown on an aircraft. 20 Faces has captured Akechi and Hanasaki is desperate to help him. Risking his life, Hanasaki performs a daring stunt to board the aircraft with Kobayashi not far behind. Akechi has freed himself and is upset to see Hanasaki on board as he has set the airship to essentially self destruct. Knowing Akechi’s inability to eliminate 20 Faces, Hanasaki tosses his employer into an escape aircraft so he can deal with the threat on his own.

Kobayashi shows up and is captured by the masked villain. Just as Hanasaki is about to shoot, Akechi flies the escape jet into the main ship causing chaos. Hanasaki and Kobayashi are thrown out of the aircraft and plummet to their apparent doom, but Kobayashi’s powers save them at the last moment. Akechi and 20 Faces have a heart to heart on the deteriorating vessel. Time passes and Akechi and 20 Faces have not been heard from. Inoue is now running the Akechi Investigation Firm with Hanasaki and Kobayashi as agents. Kobayashi poetically asks a young man standing on a building’s ledge whether he will choose life or death.

Part 2 Review

Let’s start with the good. The music was solid, just like in part 1. There was never a point in the episodes where I felt like the music didn’t match the tone. Kobayashi teetering back and forth between wanting to live and die made for a really interesting dynamic. Sadly, that’s about all I really enjoyed from the second half of the season. The dark humor that I loved so much in the first part was nowhere to be found. The writing in generally was severely lacking excitement and cohesive thought. While I came to enjoy Hide’s character, the addition of him and his group didn’t really add anything significant to the arc.

The feud between Akechi and 20 Faces became so muddled. Character motivations changed on a whim and the explanations were less than exciting. The story in general became really convoluted. I never quite got invested in this half of the season which is unfortunate because I was hopeful for a satisfying resolution. The thing that probably bothered me the most however, was that after all the chaos and lives lost, Akechi thanks 20 Faces for the thrills… I know you can say that Akechi was never built up to be the hero, but come on! That’s just a slap in the face to everyone effected by this psycho. Overall, Trickster Part 2 was unable to build on the decent foundation of Part 1 and lost what made it enjoyable.

Box Set

Trickster Part 2 includes episodes 13-24 on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. The series can be enjoyed in both English and Japanese. Extras include textless songs and trailers. If you would like to check out Trickster for yourself, follow the link right here to Funimation’s online store.

Thanks to Funimation for sending us a review copy in exchange for an honest review



5.0 /10


8.0 /10


6.3 /10

Re-Watch Value

3.5 /10

What Works

  • Great music

What Hurts

  • Story becomes convoluted
  • The dialogue drops significantly in quality compared to part 1
  • Many of the characters lost what made them interesting in the first half

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