Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 11 (Review)

By: EyeSpyeAlex

The bloodshed continues in Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 11! Reveling in his new ability, Half-Kakuja Kaneki faces off against CCG agents. Slowly going insane from his cannibalistic behavior and stress, Kaneki takes a bite out of Shinohara. Investigator Amon soon faces off against Kaneki, asking him if he’s going to be another typical Ghoul. This briefly knocks some sense into Kaneki, causing his kagune to fade as he realizes he doesn’t want to kill anyone.

While that is happening with Kaneki, the other ghouls face off against the remaining CCG agents. Elsewhere, Nashiro and Kurona Yasuhisa battle Juzo, and remember their shared troubled past. Juzo was once called Rei Suzuya, and was allegedly raised by a Ghoul. His unusually upbringing nurtured some sociopathic tendencies, such as killing cats. This led him to be who he is today; able to cause swift and unapologetic harm to human and Ghoul alike. Juzo quickly gains the upper hand, causing devastating damage and retreat by the twins.

With heavy damage sustained to both Ghoul and human sides, each group retreats. Dr. Kano and the twins go further into hiding. Kaneki and his friends try to learn more about Rize and the factions. The CCG agents start to piece together the connection between Dr. Kano and Kaneki. They also make a shocking discovery: there are two one-eyed owls.

What really helps set the tone of the scenes is how the panels themselves are incorporated into the situation. When Kaneki is going insane, the panels and speech bubbles warp around him. As is he consumed by the Ghoul within, the speech bubbles become darker are harsher, mirroring his appearance. It is much more immersive and atmospheric than standard speech bubbles and panels lines would be.

Another thing I really like about the series and this volume especially is the duality of the world the Ghouls inhabit. Kaneki and crew go for battling Ghouls and humans to death, to following a normal routine. Kaneki and Hinami even go to a book signing for their favorite author. It’s all so mundane and human. It really drives the point home that the line between Ghoul and human is a blurry one.

As we draw closer to the finale, I am left hungry for answers to unresolved plot lines. Does Hide know the truth about Kaneki? What is the backstory on Mr. Yoshimura? How did Dr. Kano keep Rize alive? Who tried to kill Rize? Hopefully the remaining volumes answer all of these questions and more.

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Wanna read this and all other volumes of Tokyo Ghoul? You can do so by picking up the manga in store, or reading online here at Viz’s site.

Note: VIZ Media provided us with a digital copy of this manga in exchange for our honest review.



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