Tokyo ESP Box Set Review

By: Scarlette

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When I received my limited box set of Tokyo ESP I wondered if I was given the correct product. I flipped the box set around in my hands asked myself: “Is this really the whole limited box set?” It didn’t look like a limited box set-and a far cry from a collector’s set, like the Tokyo Ghoul set we reviewed a little while back-it just looked like a standard blu ray collection. Regardless, I took the the time to open up thinking maybe some of the content was hidden on the inside. I was wrong. All I found was copies of blu rays and dvds of Tokyo ESP, and the bonus content on the discs was pretty sub-par. The only bonus content that came with the limited box set was episode commentaries. I enjoy episode commentaries, but if a limited box set is only going to provide me with commentary it really should be stripped of any indication of being a “special” box set. What miffed me more about this Tokyo ESP set was the price tag. Depending on where you go, the set can range anywhere from $40-$59. Funimation, the company responsible for licensing and distributing Tokyo ESP, puts a retail tag of $69 (plus shipping) for the set, but its currently marked down to $52. I am still having a hard time believing this price tag because Tokyo ESP is nearly a two year old show. Yes, the series is entertaining and well made, but the retail price is suggesting -to me- that Tokyo ESP is pretty fresh and new, not several seasons out dated. If you look at other boxed sets for series that are little more current, they are in about the same price range. To hit the point closer to home, the series set is suppose to be limited but it doesn’t came with any note worthy additional content; episode commentaries are a pretty standard find to any  blu ray purchase. So, I continue to wonder: What was exactly LIMITED about this Tokyo ESP box set to warrant it’s price?


If you do some quick maths, each episode of Tokyo ESP (if you purchase this box set at the Funimtion retail price) is about a $4. A Funimation membership to their streaming services, and series library, will cost you about $8. If I watch two episodes of Tokyo ESP from this box set, Ive already spent my monthly payment to Funimation streaming services….where I could watch the entire Tokyo ESP series online at 1080p.

It’s madness and my wallet would have to agree.

Personally have nothing against Tokyo ESP–its a good series and deserves a watch–but I am having issues with this “limited” box set. In this day and age, where streaming and digital content is king, physical merchandise of streamable shows NEED to step up it’s game. That means you either need to pack your merchandise with something tangible for the fans and collectors or you drop the price to an agreeable amount. I definitely would not purchase Tokyo ESP for the full retail price of $69, and I think I made it clear I still wouldn’t purchase the series at $52; especially when the limited box set has failed to win me over. For what’s given in the box–and let’s be be real here Funimation, this isnt a “limited” collector’s box set, rather it is a regular ol’ complete series collection– Id be comfortable paying $40 for the set. I enjoy Tokyo ESP, its a good series with high production quality, and it deserves a spot on my coveted movie shelf…I just have to feel comfortable with my purchase an it’s price point. If Funimation actually included some good bonuses in this “limited” set, like maybe an art book or a small figure, I could understand the price point of $52; but for what I’m getting now? No. Try again guys.

Which is a shame, really, because Tokyo ESP deserves better than this. As stated before, Tokyo ESP is a good show, high production quality, and was definitely a highlight of the summer 2014 line up. The story seems pretty basic, but it executes it well with fun and action packed episodes. The cast of characters are engaging, and it’s fun to watch their group dynamics, learning to navigate each other, their situation, new found powers, and the world. The underlining theme of “things aren’t always what they seem,” sends a strong message to the audience to not be tricked by first impressions. Tokyo ESP is a great spiritual successor to Gai-Rei-Zero.


Long story short:Tokyo ESP is worth any anime fan’s time, its a solid series, but don’t pay a ridiculous retail price for it. Pay a monthly streaming subscription and your wallet will get the much bigger bang for the buck.



We received a copy of Tokyo ESP- The Complete Series Limited Edition in exchange for our honest review.

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