Thunder Plays: Snipers Vs Thieves

By: Thunderheavyarm

We were recently approached by Foxglove Studios to test out their newest mobile game Snipers Vs Thieves. They gave me a bunch of in game currency to really get deep into the game and a chance to really see what was worth buying.

The game is online PVP with one player taking on the role of a sniper and four players thieves. The goal is for the thieves to escape to their getaway car by using cover to avoid the sniper who is trying to stop them. The longer the thieves take, the less money they escape with as it slowly drains out of their bag. Getting to the escape vehicle nets you a chunk of change and a case to open for the thieves. For the sniper, you get money for stopping them based on if you got a headshot, and if you manage to stop all four thieves you earn a case as well. Inside the cases you get tokens to use to upgrade your gear to help you win and this also increases your level giving your thief more health, stamina and burst of speed.

I have to admit I thought that the game would heavily favor the sniper, but they’ve actually made the game very skill based. Thieves are able to dodge sniper shots by action rolling at the right moment. They also have various items to increase their survival such as decoys, healing kits or barrels to soak sniper fire. Of course, the thieves don’t have everything their way. Their stamina bar prevents them from being marathon runners and gives the chance for the sniper to put them in their crosshairs. The sniper also has his own gadgets that allow him to freeze opponents in place, slow thieves even further or equip special ammo to deal extra damage. To keep the game from lasting forever, the thieves only have one minute to reach their get away vehicle adding urgency needed for poor decisions or daring action.

The store has some very decent value as well for your gold. You can use it to buy money, although you usually get a few thousand from opening cases. The best use for your gold is buying cases which give you a decent sum of money and a ton of tokens to upgrade your gadgets as well as a mask or a mod for your backpack or sniper rifle for the gold cases at a modest 200 gold.

The game also boasts two game modes: train and play once you finish the tutorial. In train mode you still play against other players, so don’t go into thinking that you’re shooting at bots. Play mode is used for the ranking system, in which you compete to be the top three players that are visible in the ranking system. There’s also in game cash rewards for climbing the ladder.

I’ve played the game every chance that I could. The short games make it easy to pick up when you’re waiting for something else. The PVP nature keeps the game from getting boring as players use what they think are the best paths to try and win the game. Even with the in game premium cash I was given, I’ve given serious thought to putting my own money into this game to support the developers and also because I want the sweet swag so that I can win. Overall, this is just a fun game and I recommend this to everyone just looking for a fun mobile game to play.

You can find the app in the Android/iOS store as well as the apple store for the free app.

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