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The Disastrous Life of Saiki K -Season 1 (Series/Blu-Ray Review)

By: Mithrandiel & v.o.lynn

Blu-Ray Set Review (Mithrandiel)

In one of our more recent shipments from Funimation I came across a series I wasn’t particularly familiar with. Vibrant and…unique…the art certainly pops off of the packaging and has a distinct comedy vibe.

As is tradition with many of the simpler releases that Funimation puts out, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is pretty bare-bones when it comes to extras. There is one episode commentary on each set – so it’s safe to say that my cup of extras doesn’t exactly runneth over with the Saiki K set.

Still, the more of these I receive the more I realize that for many fans it’s less about the bonuses and more about the ownership. I recall the joy of expanding my collection, and it’s a feeling that continues within the larger anime fandom. So, if you do buy these, just know you won’t be getting all that much above and beyond the show. You can order it on Funimation’s shop here.

Not sure if you want to pick up the show? Luckily for you, our newest contributor, v.o.lynn, is here to share her thoughts on the show and suggest an interesting activity to go along with your marathon!

Series Review (v.o.lynn)

When it comes to slice of life comedy, Shuichi Aso’s “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.” covers all the bases.  Saiki, deadpan teenager with bright pink hair and light green sunglasses, is about as OP as a character can get.  His natural skills range from psychokinesis to telekinesis, clairvoyance to super strength, and he’s found a way to make use of almost all of them.

Only, of course, when he feels like he has to.

Funimation simulcast the show in Japanese, following it with the English dub (which does a pretty spot-on job with the voice acting [Jerry Jewell in English] against the original [Hiroshi Kamiya]).  While this isn’t a perfect show to introduce a newcomer to anime with, it does hold a lot of familiar tropes and a healthy amount of “What the HELL Hero” moments that end in a pretty decent place.

Spoiler Level Ahead: Mild

The first season of Saiki K is ripped straight from the manga, covering topics like avoiding being seen as extraordinary (or unpopular), dealing with the unpredictability of his classmate and foil Nindou, his dysfunctional but loving family, and changing the entire world to make it a little more normal for him to have pink hair from birth.

In a lot of ways, Saiki is the ultimate introvert: bending the world around him to make him the ultimate wallflower.  Much of Saiki’s pleasure is derived from coffee jelly, catching a new series before his classmates share all their spoilers, and generally being alone, since most people automatically (albeit unknowingly) share their inner monologue with him.  He’s also cursed with the rule of funny.

All romance tropes are turned on their head as well, with Saiki more or less declaring himself asexual to the audience when Teruhashi (a pretty but self-absorbed student) – takes an interest in him for NOT taking an interest in her.  But overall Saiki still does have friends who actively want to involve him in things, and is not wholly unlikable for his flaws – while he does often complain while “fixing” something, he’s probably been doing that instinctively since he was about one or two.
A fun show all around, Saiki K makes a great summer watch or holiday binge.
Now, are you ready for some fun? Read on below for a fun, if perhaps a wee bit dangerous, drinking game.


The Disastrous Drinking Game of Saiki K.

Take a drink if:
Anyone says “Oh Wow”
Saiki says “I guess it can’t be helped” or “Oi, oi…”
Saiki expresses love for Coffee Jelly
Nindou suddenly appears or sneaks up on Saiki
Saiki’s mom turns into an Oni
Teruhashi mentions being “The Perfect Woman”
Kaido mentions “Dark Reunion”

Take two drinks if:
Someone licks a shoe
Person/animal is shown in X-ray mode
Saiki teleports to get away from something
Someone slips/does a somersault kick
Someone spills/eats Saiki’s Coffee Jelly
Someone knocks Saiki out of stealth mode
Nindou runs

Chug if:
Someone pulls out Saiki’s antenna
Saiki’s brother beats him at something

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Mithical Rating

8.0 /10


6.0 /10


8.0 /10


5.0 /10

What Works

  • The short formatting for the individual clips - Gathered episodes were released in English bundled together, but the 4 minute clips make it easier to pick up and put down as a filler series.
  • Box-set art is vibrant - sure to stand out on the shelf!

What Hurts

  • Saiki is a bit of a Jerk Sue, but as it's a comedy, the series hangs a lampshade on it and keeps rolling.
  • Extras are a yawn on the box-set

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